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Intuitive, Intelligent and Agile. The ERP that understands your business. That is a SMART ERP.

There has been a paradigm shift in the way we conduct business today, compared to a few decades ago. With the breakthrough of digital, mobile and internet technologies, businesses across the world have seen a new dawn. This dimensional change in business operations require support from systems and processes that are SMART enough to take up this change.

The need of the hour is a smart ERP equipped to serve the needs of the new age businesses.

EPPS SMART ERP is intuitive, intelligent and agile and lets you take business decisions whenever and wherever. It understands your business through the lens of a seasoned businessperson and acts as your partner in your growth trajectory.

It is easy to use, scalable, and accommodates large number of data points. The configurable platform of EPPS SMART ERP allows you to control and monitor your operations. The smart approval mechanism lets you access real time accurate data anywhere to take fast decisions.

Built on a future ready platform, EPPS SMART ERP can adapt to any new technological advancements in the near future. It is power packed with futuristic features that are vital for transforming businesses across industries.

A mobile ERP solution is the market trendsetter, which is enabling SME’s to extract maximum efficiency and streamline their business processes, by empowering their field agents, with an opportunity to work efficiently & with ease.

With robust, innovative, mobile, easy to use & scalable ERP solutions, EPPS believes in empowering businesses.

As the concept of ‘Smart Factory’ (Industry 4.0) is catching up, it’s important to create and encourage a digital workforce. An ERP with a mobile app is the way forward to change the way we do business in the digital age.

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